In this section of my blog, I’d like to investigate the various gadgets and widgets that are my favorite “must-have” sewing tools. These make life easier as you begin to sew and you’ll find that you need them for a lifetime of sewing.

Most items are under $10 which make them perfect gift ideas for your birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas. Here are just a few that I gathered from my sewing table this morning:

So far, we’ve looked at seam rippers,  jean-a-ma-jigs, and Fray Block. We’ll cover more in posts to come. Just click on the blue highlighted words and you’ll be able to read about the item. Or, click on select categories under the “More Articles” button on the left side of this page and view the articles you’d like to see. Notice, there are many pages in each category, so be sure to look through all of them.

I’d also like to show you around my sewing room, discuss my sewing machine and the machines I recommend. We’ll take a look at a serger and discuss the advantages of having one so you can see if you need one or not.

So, take a look around at the blog. Navigate through the posts and pages. It’s still very new and I have lots to write about. Enjoy!

6 Responses

  1. Hi Linda,

    Your BLOG (web site) looks great!! Good job. Bet Mike could not do it!


  2. What ever happened to the standing measuring devices for hems?

    Doesn’t anyone carry them anymore??

  3. I see you mentioning using a screwdriver or other tool to get a sharp corner. You might want to try one of these:
    Under a couple bucks at most fabric stores.

  4. A little off topic, but I recent saw what looked like a sewing machine for sale but the box said it was a “felter”. Can you tell me what that does? I thought that felting was created by the way woolen fabrics were laundered.

    • Yes, it is called felting when you wash wools and then dry them. The wool shrinks and turns it into felt. A felter is a device that has many “needles” that poke into fibers and turn them into felt. So, a felter is not a sewing machine.

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