Basic Skills


Viewers, young and old!

You need these books.

They are essential in learning how to sew.

No sense trying to reinvent the wheel when the wheel looks as good as these.

These books are amazing in teaching you how to sew. I used them to teach my girls starting at about age 8.  But, even if you are an adult, just learning to sew, these are the books for you.

And don’t you want to know why?

First, they teach you about the basic parts of the sewing machine, so you’ll get to know your way around a machine…nothing difficult at all.

Then, they get you started on practicing your stitches by “stitching” on lines without any thread in the needle….ingenious!

I photocopied the pages because if you “sew” in the book and/or make mistakes, there is nothing left to practice on. Having several sheets gives you an opportunity to practice it well. Also, if you stop for a time and then come back to it, the book would already have been “sewn” in.

You can also design your own sheets which would add to the level of difficulty or creativity.


See? Doesn’t that look like alot more fun than the textbook sewing lessons? Blech!

Continuing on in the book, you’ll progress through several connect- the -dot excercises and word match games.

Then, before you even recognize that you are increasing your skill exponentially, the book provides  projects to learn the skills in a creative format (not just sewing two pieces of fabric together!)

The projects are amazing for kids and you can adapt them for adults as well. Book Two just builds on Book One with more challenging projects and more fun.

Check them out for yourself at:

Ok, that’s your homework assignment.

Go buy these books and work through them. Then, report back to me and let me know if they aren’t the best thing since sliced bread!

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11 Responses

  1. Wow, Linda.

    I just started teaching sewing to my homeschool group and we are using the Sewing Machine Fun #1. It’s challenging for me right now trying to coordinate everything with the kids.

    Do you think I should be using my own sewing machine to teach them? Sometimes it gets kinda scary letting beginners use the machine.

    Any suggestions?

    Linda M.
    Jacksonville, Florida

  2. What a great thing you are doing teaching kids to sew and keeping the art alive! I would recommend that each child has their own machine so that you can all work on the items together, if possible. Perhaps you can put the word out to various groups, family memebers, neighbors and borrow as many as you need. Hope that helps. Keep us updated on your progress.

  3. Our sewing class was great last week. We made the ornaments and the kids loved it because it gave them a sense of accomplishment along with a pretty neat gift. We even had one adult who was impressed that she was able to sew something cute. Hats off to Sewing Machine Fun #1.

  4. Hey, that’s awesome! The timing with the ornaments couldn’t be better. What a great thing you are doing by teaching and making a big difference in the lives of those kids (and adult!)

  5. Thanks for the book review – I’ll definitely purchase these!

  6. Thank you so much for the time you have put in to this web site, it is a wonderful tool for learning!! I found you through your link on The Pioneer Woman’s site, one of my very favorite places to spend time.
    I saw your tips for brides and bridesmaids and I wondered if I might add to your suggestions? I always try to bring what I call a ” bride’s emergency kit “. It is actually only one thing, but it has saved the day many times. It is a product most people have probably heard of called Dryel. It was created to allow you to freshen up your dry cleanable clothes in your own dryer, but it also contains an excellent stain remover.
    It seems that inevitably just before the wedding, either the bride to be or one of her bridesmaids, spills something on their dress. When it happens, I take the bottle of stain remover and the absorbent pad and am able to remove most, if not nearly all, of the stain. You just slip the enclosed absorbent pad under the stained material and apply the stain remover sparingly to the spot, being careful to keep the liquid and pad away from their skin and yours. The pad absorbs any excess liquid and also provides a safe area to, using the top of the closed bottle, gently work the stain around until it disappears. The product really is amazing! And as Ree of ” Pioneer Woman” is fond of saying,”I’m not affiliated with this product and am not paid to endorse it. I could fall off the face of this earth and they’d never know it!”
    Thanks again for the time and effort you so lovingly have given to guide my not so nimble fingers to sewing success!

  7. P.S. Have the dress professionally cleaned after the wedding.

    • Hi Janet,
      Thanks so much for your very helpful comment! Yes, I’ve heard of Dryel. My daughter uses it often and it’s in my laundry room as we speak, but I haven’t looked at it closely enough to notice the stain remover. Does that only come with certain packages? I appreciate your detailed info on how to clean the spot too and will put your info on the sidebar with the other info. Thank you!

      Yes, isn’t Pioneer Woman a fun blog?

      I’m glad this site has been helpful to you. I have enjoyed writing the posts.

      Happy Sewing and thanks again!

  8. I have been teaching kids classes with these books for 3 years! Actually my favorite ones are the “Best of…” There are 2. The first combines the best of books 1 and 2. The 2nd combines books 3 and 4. I make copies for the kids to sew on as well

  9. Hi,
    What level do you have to be at in sewing approx. before you can start doing alterations for money?



    • What level are you at right now? If you’re a beginner, I would say that you should be proficient at basic sewing techniques. Practice until you feel comfortable doing a certain alteration and your work is professional looking. If you’re not sure,ask a trusted friend or two to critique your work.

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