Fun At The Family Dinner

As I mentioned in the previous post,

we held two receptions for our daughter’s wedding.

One was held at the church.

The second was a family dinner at a public golf club in the next town.

Here are the newlyweds leaving the church:

The wedding party planned to stop off at a local reservoir for some more pictures on their way to the golf club.

We swapped cars with the newlyweds which meant we had their rental car, a small little domestic jobbie.

About a mile from the church, my husband noticed that the “low tire” indicator light had turned on.

He figured it was a computer glitch and thought we should keep driving.

(Does this sound like your husband?!)

But I really thought we should get it checked out.

(Does this sound like a woman’s response?!)

We realized that there was a tire shop within about 6 blocks of our predicament.

As we got within 2 blocks of the tire shop, we felt and heard the wheel go “thu-think, thu-thunk”.

We pulled in to the shop just as the men were closing up for the day.

And they graciously agreed to fix it for us.

We had the best time with it all.

Here we were in our formal wear and they in their grease and grime.

I said to one of the men, “People go to great lengths just to get their tires fixed, don’t they?”

We found all sorts of things to laugh about.

I figured no one would believe our story without proof, so I snapped a shot of “Jose” and my husband enjoying the moment for all it’s fun:

We kept thanking the Lord for His provision:

1. The flat tire came at a great time in the day (good thing it wasn’t fifteen minutes later) and at the perfect location

2. It didn’t happen to Jake or Michelle

3. It didn’t happen to us out in the country between our two towns

4. It didn’t happen to them the next day on their way to the airport

We were on the road in fifteen minutes and the last ones to arrive at the reception.

And the reception was so much fun too!

The bride and groom at their sweetheart table:

First Dance:

Jake and his ten,or so, buddies danced and got the whole crowd cheering with each of their unique dances:

Jake even walked on his hands across the floor. I didn’t know he had such talent!

Everyone joined in the fun and celebration.

It was my favorite reception of all time.

(Does that sound like a mom?!)

At some point in the evening, the photographer took the wedding party outside for pictures.

At the end of that session, Michelle came back inside to let me know that when Jake carried her across the expansive lawn, one of her bustles “broke”.

(Didn’t I tell you I would relate it to sewing at some point in the story?!)

Upon further investigation, we found that one of the plastic rings had actually broken in half!

If you notice in the side bar of this blog, I have a suggestion for brides to pin about 5 safety pins along the inside lower edge of your dress in case of emergencies.

I never thought I’d use my own advice! 🙂

I took one of those safety pins and used it as a “ring” and then re-tied the ribbon onto the safety pin.

She was “good to go” in mere moments!

We sent them off under a canopy of sparklers.

It was such a beautiful scene.

I wish I had a photo of that to show you.

Everyone left and I realized I had forgotten to ask for help in dismantling the banquet room!

I also forgot to take into account that we had the rental car with about 2 square feet of storage space.

So, we detained our younger daughter for awhile while we packed her car to the brim and sent her off.

While we were packing our car, she returned to tell us that Michelle had lost her wallet somewhere.

She needed it for the airplane ride the next day.

So, we prayed on the way home that God would help us find it.

When we arrived home, one of her bridesmaids was there ready to help us find it.

We scoured the house… everywhere we thought she’d been that morning and couldn’t find it anywhere.

As we were looking in her bedroom one more time, and thinking about heading over to the church to look there,

Michelle called and explained that she remembered it falling out of her purse at some point during the day.

With that, I dropped to my knees and lifted her bedskirt and there it was right in front of me!

It had rolled under the bed apparently after it fell out of her purse.


We were so happy to be able to tell her that God had answered yet another prayer that day!

We took it over to the hotel they were staying at and stayed up all night chatting with them.

Just kidding. We dropped it off and left.

And they had a wonderful honeymoon in Hawaii.

Now they are enjoying married life and we are enjoying being in-laws (or maybe we are outlaws!)

Now share with us your funny or unusual stories from your wedding day.

Don’t be shy.

Everyone has a story.

I can’t wait to hear yours!!!


12 Responses

  1. Again… your daughter was/is gorgeous! Your hubby’s a looker too! 😉 Love the pic at the tire shop!!

    And thank you for clarifying that you were joking about staying and chatting all night – I about spit my coffee across the room! ROFL

    I am so glad to hear that not only was God invited to, but was recognized throughout the whole wedding. A great start to their marriage for sure!

    Great job on the dress (of course!).

    Love the stories – keep them coming!

  2. I love the answers to prayers time and time again! God is so very good! Just wanted to tell you, God regularly answers prayers in so many ways for my small sewing business, too!

    Two years ago, I had quickly accepted the task of altering a wedding gown (purchased on eBay) by my pastor’s future daughter-in law as a last minute decision by her to get it altered. (The wedding was in four weeks!) I knew I would need more lace appliques, pearl buttons and white satin to do what needed to be done. I prayed for God’s wisdom.

    The next day, I was pricing the different items I needed to complete the alterations at various sewing stores in an adjacent town. No matter where I looked, every component I needed to have to finish this job was going to be expensive! I only had $25.00 cash with me. What to do? Duh! Pray!

    God directed me to a small thrift store in the basement of a church. As I walked in, I noticed a sign on their door “All merchandise 50% off- today only”. I went in an asked if they had any wedding gowns. The woman behind the counter looked surprised. She walked over to a small closet and opened the door. There sitting on the shelf was one large golden box. She carefully lifted the box down for me to see. It was a preserved wedding gown, complete with veil. As the woman brought it to the counter she said, “Oh the price is normally $50.00, but today we are taking half off everything in the store so the cost will be…$25.00 (!)” I knew in my heart that this was the answer to my prayer. When she opened the box and pulled out the dress, sure enough, the 1980’s period gown with leg o’ mutton sleeves had a cathedral length train and veil. There was all the lace appliques, pearl buttons and white satin I would ever need all for the money I had in my pocket! (Bless God!) I carried the glistening box out into the bright autumn sunlight and surely blinded every pedestrian on my walk to my vehicle!

    I gleaned very carefully from the end of the gown the lace appliques, the satin and the pearl buttons, trying to “harvest” only what would be from the extreme ends of the cathedral train on the gown. I completed the alterations on that gown with two weeks to spare! “Thank You, God, for your wisdom and provision and it’s over”, I thought. I carefully folded the remaining gown back into it’s golden box and thought that that was the end, but God had other ideas!

    Early that next January, I had a young woman call about altering her wedding gown (purchased online) for her wedding in three weeks…(What is it about these women that think they can have the work done like it was an item on a McDonald’s drive through?) Anyway, she shows up on this wintry day wrapped in a bulky winter jacket with her gown, a white Grecian style halter with keyhole accents in the front and back. She took her coat off to reveal to me her 7 1/2 month pregnant belly. She put the gown on and it complemented her current figure, however, there were some minor alterations that needed to make it fit perfectly. The major issue I was having was the fact that she had no slip or under skirt to the dress and I could clearly see the silhouette of her legs when she stood in front of the window. I needed to make a maternity slip for this dress, but how? I had never done one before. Duh! Pray!

    God gave me a design idea and I went and bought the 1/2- yard of white spandex fabric for the “baby bump” which was truly getting bigger with each passing week. Once again, I didn’t have extra money to buy any more fabric. Then the Lord reminded me that I had the white gown remnants in the golden box. I pulled out the gown, inverting it to reveal a plentiful underskirt. I carefully clipped out the under skirt and put the thrift store gown away again in its box. I made the slip with the spandex maternity panel and carefully set it into the band of the waistline of the Grecian gown. It worked perfectly and was exactly the length I needed for the dress, too! (Bless God!) The bride was thrilled and I was relieved!

    A lady from our church came to me early this year and told me about her plans to be married. She was a poor single working mom of two children who had recently beat breast cancer and she felt that God had given her the love of her life after all these years. God told me to make her dress for her and I quickly told her this. She cried with delight, thanking me and thanking God for His provision. I thought it would be a plain simple street length dress for a small wedding. She had other another idea.

    She showed up at my door with a garbage bag which contained a size 30 hand me down ivory wedding gown with pearl beads and a full cathedral train. This woman was easily a size 14, no bigger. She wanted a full satin wedding gown with long sleeves and pearl embellishment for her June wedding. I thought, “Dear Lord. How will I do this? You have to show me what to do.” She left voicing her faith that God would take care of things. After many hours of walking around her proposed gown and praying, God reminded me through my dear friend, that I needed to discern from this bride what she really wanted in her gown.

    I called her to return the next week for this discussion. To my surprise, she wanted everything that the thrift store gown had already! I asked her to consider a white gown. She said she would, but this one was already here in ivory. I pulled out the golden box and revealed the white gown. She fell in love with it in an instant. She tried it on, and while it needed some alterations to adapt to her size, the design truly matched the one in her heart. (Only God!) He guided me to learn how to install a corset back after I removed the zipper to better fit her figure. He guided me through a discussion of how hot it would be in June and we decided to remove the leg o’ mutton sleeves to reveal a stunning sleeveless design possibility. The cathedral length train was modified to a chapel length train with a beautiful bustle addition. (Again, only God!) I watched her groom see her for the first time in the gown and he started crying! Mission accomplished!

    So now I have a size 30 Ivory gown waiting for another bride to be. I wonder what God will do next?

  3. What a wonderful story Sheri! I can relate to the many prayers when I am faced with short notice alterations!
    I love to share my Pastor’s tip for our daughter’s wedding which was held outdoors. She suggested that instead of the traditional groom’s family on the right & bride’s on the left, that we switch. That way those of us in the front rows of chairs could see our lovely daughter’s face and her grooms family could see his face as they exchanged vows facing each other. I always think of this when I see photos of couples exchanging vows taken by those in the front pews. It never fails that we see the back of the bride’s head if the photo is taken by the Bride’s family member and we see a photo of the back of groom’s head if the photo was taken by the bride’s family member.
    Phooey on that old seating tradition!

  4. Ah, weddings. What a joyeous time. This is why I making wedding gowns. When I put a bride in her finished dress in from of my mirrors and place a bouquet in her hands, I look at her face first instead of the dress. When i see her eyes misting and can see her dreams of the future there, then I know that my handiwork is just right.

    As for wedding stories these have all happened to me. At my sister’s wedding, a flower stand toppled over and nearly landed on me which caused a loud scream at a crucial part in the ceremony.

    At my wedding, my mother got left at the reception without a ride home and my father never missed here.

    At my oldest son’s wedding his baby brother (15 years younger) was the ring bearer. Bored as 7 year olds can get, he was tossing the pillow around in back of the church. As the processional was ready to begin, I checked the pillow and yes, you guessed it, the rings came untied. I spend several frantic moments in an evening gown on my knees searching among the pews until they were found.

    The same son at his sister’s wedding two years later was wracked with the loudest sobs throughout the service because he was losing his second mommy. Later that winter day, I looked at the wedding cake which was next to a roaring fire in the fireplace. The icing was melting rapidly and it was resembling the Leaning Tower. The cake was cut before dinner was finished!

    So points to remember:
    Make sure the flowers are properly supported, that the bride’s mother has a ride home, that the real rings are not put on the pillow, that little brothers are reassured that they are still loved, and that wedding cakes are not placed next to a fireplace. And to enjoy.

    • Wow, now there’s alot of good stories! I feel so bad for your mom, though. I hope she got a ride with someone before everyone left. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I too just had a son get married on 9-10-11! I also thought about my beatiful wedding gown, no one will proubly wear again, and came up with a plan ! When my grandchildren begin to get married, I’m going to make each one a Ring Bearer’s Pillow from this dress!

  6. Just found your website.

    My wedding dress story is from over 5 years ago. My daughter-in-law and son asked me to make her wedding dress. The only problem was that I lived in Southern California and they were in Idaho going to college. I agreed knowing that this would be a huge process. I had only made one wedding gown before. No prom gowns for any of my daughters……thank you, Outlets stores! So the process began. She emailed pictures of what she wanted. I called her many times to verify I had the right ideas. I scoured pattern books and the Internet for patterns. I could find nothing…not even mermaid skirt bottoms at that time. Finally, Vogue came out with a strapless mermaid style pattern. But she wanted short sleeves and a corseted back. So after many hours of sitting at my table playing with 3 different patterns, I came up with a pattern. Then I made a muslin dress…without the corseting, of course. I mailed it to her and told her to mark in pen any adjustments she wanted. I thought her roommates would help her, but my son ended up being the adjustment marker! They mailed it back to me. From that I made the adjustments on the paper patterns. Deep breath and many prayers….now to cut out the satin. I ended up cutting the front bodice 3 times as once a black spot appeared on it, once the adjusted pattern moved (I had pinned the adjustments), and then the final cut. Making the corset back was a trial of faith. It was a full back corset with a below the waist point. Talk about praying it would work! Also I had to make a modesty panel. WHERE WERE YOU when I needed ideas??? I did basically the same as you did on your corset making.

    The bride-to-be didn’t try on the gown on until 4 days before the wedding. I was sweating bullets when she slipped it on. The corseting was made with satin cording and 7 yards of doubled satin ribbon. I made an extra set of long sleeves as the wedding was in December and I felt short sleeves would be inappropriate as well as cold. She decided on the long sleeves… days before the wedding I was ripping out the short sleeves, inserting the long sleeves, and redoing the lining.

    The morning of the wedding she slipped into the gorgeous wedding gown only to find out she couldn’t put one of her arms all the way thru the sleeves. It would grasp her arm like a Chinese finger puzzle. I looked inside and I had twisted the sleeve lining.

    Imagine my embarrassment!!! With only minutes to spare, what would you do? My mind was spinning….. Luckily, the matrons in the LDS temple had scissors, thread, pins, snaps, hook/eyes, etc, etc! In exasperation I snipped the lining, let it unravel, and whip stitched it closed correctly. She slipped it on and proceeded with the wedding and pictures and reception without anyone knowing but me, her mother, and herself!!!

    What a journey!

  7. i’m new to this blog, and found it purely by accident while googling ‘how to bustle a wedding dress’. My youngest daughter will be getting married in 8 days and the stress is rising. Although I’ve sewn for 40+ years (ever since I was tall enough to see over the tabletop), I still paid someone to do alterations. My daughter and I both thought she was also doing the bustle. NO, she didn’t. So, when I get to the wedding site (600 miles away) I will attempt a French bustle. Thanks for your clear instructions!! and I appreciate your statement of faith! My hubby and I have been in the ministry for 25 years. It has been a lifetime of adventure. We are blessed.

    • Hi Patty, Thank you for your sweet comments. I’m glad the blog helped in your “eleventh hour” . How neat that you and your husband have been in the ministry for 25 years! I pray your daughter’s wedding will be a wonderful time for all of you. Don’t stress. Keep your expectations low and you’ll have a fantastic time! (Phil. 4:6-7) 🙂 Linda

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