Exciting News!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that my daughter, Michelle, got engaged last weekend!

We’re so excited for them!

They met on a mission’s trip to Nicaragua two years ago and the rest is history.

We are so thankful to the Lord for him. He is who we have been praying for for our daughter for 25 years!

Because Jake’s  job is going to start in August, we are going to have a wedding in July!

Which means, we have lots of planning to do.

So, I thought it would be fun to ask you some questions in the next few months and hear your answers.

Here’s the first one:

What are some of your  favorite tricks and time savers for planning a wedding?

These can be sewing or non-sewing related.

What worked and what didn’t?

I can’t wait to hear what you learned.

This will be fun!


12 Responses

  1. YAY! I was just thinking about you today to. You hadn’t posted in a while and I thought I should “poke” you to make sure everything was alright. BOY-HOWDY it is!! I’m so excited for your family; and he’s so handsome too! ;D

    Wonderful news!

    Sorry – no tips, never planned a wedding. Can’t wait to hear what everyone else says though. 🙂

  2. Congratulations to all. How very exciting. I should know, BOTH my daughters got married last year just 3 months a part !! Both weddings were gorgeous and our aim to be different was achieved. When all was done we evaluated the affairs as bothing be very successful. The # 1 thing we learnt that we would do better if we had another to organise (we dont!!) is to ensure that the photographer was given a detail list of who/the groups we wanted photographed; names of each for each group. We unfortuantely left it to the photographers; one did a very good job but still missed some people and the other didnt do such a great job at all – desperately needed our input. Its just too hard to think and be the one rallying everyone into their group photos. Have it written down and hopefully, the photographer will have an off sider and take charge at calling the people into order.

    All the very best. Love your site.

    • Thanks Debbie! I cannot believe you had TWO weddings in three months! That is incredible….and you lived to tell about it. Ok, next time I get worried, I will think of you.

      Your tip on the photographer is exactly right. We had the very same thing happen at our wedding and the photographeer didn’t take ANY photos of my husband’s side of the family. We only have one of his parents, my parents and the two of us. It was awful. Such a great tip….thank you!!!

  3. Congratulations! So much fun planning.
    It’s been a while since i got married, but i do remember a few tips that i remembered and tell everyone. my invitations were heavy and i almost mailed them outside the post office, but went in, and it was a good thing. they required more postage. it may have been a mess since they had to return address on them.
    Also the flower girls shoes came in and one shoe was a little too snug. i got a tip from someone that really worked. We took a zip lock baggie, put water in it, then put it into another baggie(incase it leaked) we put it inside the toe of the shoe. then put the whole shoe into a bigger baggie and put it in the freezer. just to protect it from any exposure. the ice in the toe part expanded the shoe just enough to make wearing them comfortable!
    making your own invitations could be fun and non expensive. I made my nieces for her wedding. they looked professional. i had fun. i embossed a bride and groom and used velum for the print inside. If you want directions how i did it, please let me know.

    • Oh, wow, such great tips! I love the one with the baggies and the shoe. I’ve never heard of that. The invitations sound really pretty. Did it take alot of time? That’s one thing we don’t have alot of!

  4. Ditto what debby said above! I also left it to my photographer after vaguely saying, “Please get family pics,” but since we didn’t specifically point out *who* to get pictures of, we had a ton of photos of friends, instead.

    Also, my husband and I went with a package deal (Vegas!) that 40 of our friends and family were able to attend, so it was easy for us to whip it together in just 3.5 months (engaged for 1.5 years before that, but one day we just decided that waiting was silly + just wanted to jump on it :D). Vegas isn’t for everyone, but some of my friends have checked out other all-inclusive venues — a small country club, for example — where the ceremony + reception site, tables + chairs, catering, cake, and drinks etc. are all done on site, which = less headache and sometimes a cheaper option. Good luck + congrats!

    • Sorry to hear you had some bummer photography memories too.

      Great idea on the all inclusive package deals. Interesting that it might be a cheaper alternative. It’s a good idea to check them out. I like the idea that certain places do alot of the setup for you and include alot of things so we don’t have to work so hard at lining those things up ourselves. Thank you!

  5. I don’t have any tips, but I wanted to say best wishes to your daughter and her fiance. They’re such a handsome couple. It’s so good, too, to be happy with her choice. I know you’re going to be very busy in the next few months!

  6. Hi there,
    This is my 1st correspondence to you, but first I need to tell you how much I appreciate your website. For me it’s been a God send.
    My daughter married 7 yrs ago, and she did most of the organizing but she did have an area each of us mom’s could get in with both feet. Mine was the sewing and help with the hall search. The new mom -in -law helped in her areas of expertise. That way my daughter led the plans, but us moms felt a great part of it.
    God bless and joy to all
    And remember, it might not be perfect, but it will be Awesome!!!!!

    • Such good words. Thank you so much. We keep saying that in the end, they still get to be married! It will be good no matter what and the things that don’t go well, we can just laugh about later, right?

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