Liquid Stitch

Do you get lots of sewing related items in your stocking each year?

My husband puts all sorts of them in mine… bless his heart.

This year, I got this:

I have to admit that when I first pulled it out of there, I thought to myself:

“When will I ever use this?”

My husband loves to admit that he walks down the aisles of a certain large box store and puts anything sewing related that he sees first, into the cart.

I have never told him that many of those purchases have gone unused.

It’s not that they aren’t great.

It’s usually that I have one or two or ten of them already.

It just doesn’t seem right to disappoint him and turn all his joy into sadness.

So, I just thank him and merrily tuck it away into “that box” of stuff.

It’s sort of like me trying to buy him fishing or hunting items.

I don’t know what he has or doesn’t have, or need or doesn’t need.

If he doesn’t spell out exactly what he wants in the right size, shape , brand and quantity, I avoid it.

Who knew there were a dozen different sized tippets?

What’s a tippet anyway, right?

Well, I gotta say, before I could put this tube of stitchless wonder away,

I noticed my mother-in-law’s stocking laying there with the snowman coming off.

And the tree.

Her stocking is made of felt and the items are all glued on.

So, in my usual, predictable fashion, I hightailed it upstairs to the sewing machine to stitch these pieces down permanantly.

The only problem was…. the stocking was too narrow to scrunch all up and turn it in several directions while I tried to stitch them on.

And after my last month of alterations, I wasn’t in the mood to wrestle with it.

So, the Liquid Stitch came to our home at a perfect time.

And guess what?

It worked like a charm!

It made my day.

It’s still making my day.

It dries clear, is machine washable and dryable, non-toxic, permanent and strong.

I can’t believe I’m promoting a stitchless adhesive on a sewing blog, but hey…

When something works, you gotta sing its praises, right?


5 Responses

  1. umm…liquid stich? lol..aare u trying to put ureself outa buisness…j/k

  2. I have a tube in my “stash” too… haven’t used it yet. It may be dried up and gone. 🙂

  3. I always put some of this stuff over my new button holes and have never had a problem with the button holes unraveling! (it also works great on button holes of sweaters that are starting to unravel)

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