Sew for fun or profit!

Welcome to my blog! If you’re interested in learning how to sew or perfecting the skills you already have, this is the site for you! Because of the current economic situation, you may have lost your main source of income or you may be cutting back on your spending. Perhaps you’d just like to learn to sew to save money on home decorating items or by making your own clothes. Quilting may be your new passion. Or, you’d like to run a sewing business from home. There are so many great reasons to sew!

This site will give you detailed instructions on:

1.  The basics of sewing

2.  Pattern alteration for best fit

3.  The basics of quilting

4.  Sewing for the home (pillows, curtains, drapes, etc.)

5.  Alterations (casual, formal and bridal)

6.  Techniques to make your sewing more successful

7.  Managing a business from home

We’ll also discuss how to choose a sewing machine, serger, and the tools and notions necessary to make your sewing adventure a success. We’ll look at how to set up a sewing room or sewing space. If you’re runnning a business, there are many things to consider including how to succesfully manage your time while keeping up with your family obligations.


What’s most important to me is what is on your mind. Please feel free to ask me questions about your sewing dilemmas. After all, if you’re struggling with something, chances are, someone else is too. So, let’s get sewing…!

 If you’re interested in starting your own business, click on the “Sew For Dough” tab at the top of this page and it will link you to some helpful tips and what worked for me.


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